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Certified by via TÜV SÜD of America to meet ASTM Standards for playground mulch

Engineered wood fiber

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is a popular choice for budget-conscious playgrounds. 

•ASTM F1292-13 Certified for Impact Safety

•ASTM F963 Certified Free of Hazardous Materials

•ASTM F2075 Certified for Size

•ASTM 1951-14 Certified for Wheelchair Accessibility


  • Economical cost
  • Meets accessibility standards when compacted and maintained
  • Provides a natural look


  • Use wear mat inserts under swings and at the end of slides to reduce displacement
  • Containment systems like curbs will reduce the spread of surfacing into non-play spaces
  • Geotextile fabric and geocomposite drainage accessories are recommended for best performance
  • Providing adequate drainage is an important preventative measure to avoid freezing in sudden climate change

How Much Mulch Would I Need?

Use the calculator to figure out how many yards of material you will need.

Calculate what you need for each garden area and add them up!

Please note that this is simply an estimation tool and without seeing your physical property to verify that estimates are correct this can only be used as a rough estimate of cost.